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PostSubject: Autocast   Thu Aug 28, 2008 2:18 pm

Autocast abilities are spells and abilities that do not need to be manually activated by the player. You can set autocast abilities to be automatically cast by the unit when needed. Most autocast spells have a golden border at each corner. To toggle a spell or ability on or off, simply right-click on the spell icon and the borders of the spell will be highlighted, indicating that it will now be Autocast by the computer. When the unit encounters a situation that would call for the casting of the Autocast spell, that unit will automatically cast it. However, some autocast spells in DotA do not have the Autocast Borders such as Bounty Hunter's Track.

Types of Autocast

There are several types of Autocast Spells.
Attack Modifiers

Attack modifiers are spells which modify your attack and can be autocast. Some examples are Bone Fletcher's Searing Arrows and Obsidian Destroyer's Arcane Orb. Attack modifiers will be autocast when when you attack a unit.

More Examples are:

* Silencer's Glaives of Wisdom
* Drow Ranger's Frost Arrows
* Enchantress' Impetus
* Netherdrake's Poison Attack
* Sacred Warrior's Burning Spears

Orbwalking is also another Autocast Attack Modifier method.

Negative Buffers

Negative buffers are spells which place a negative buff on an enemy target unit. Some examples are Bounty Hunter's Track and Slithereen Guard's Amplify Damage. These autocast spells will be cast when you attack an enemy unit. Usually the nearest enemy target is targeted by the autocast.
Positive Buffers

Positive buffers are the opposite of negative buffers. They place positive buffs on a friendly unit. Some examples are Lich's Frost Armor and Treant Protector's Living Armor. These autocast spells will be cast when you are going to or are engaging in attacking an enemy or the target unit is doing so. Usually the nearest friendly target is targeted by the autocast.

More Examples are:

* Ogre Magi's Bloodlust
* Magnataur's Empower

Self Affecting Abilities

Some autocast abilities affect the hero itself under special circumstances. For examples, Morphling's Morph allows it to swap attributes while autocast. Another examples is Faerie Dragon's Phase Shift, which allows it to dodge incoming attacks when autocast or activated.

More Example are:

* Ursa Warrior's Overpower


Some summon abilities are also autocast abilities. One example is Necro'lic's Raise Revenants. In the given example, the autocast is activated when there are available corpses to raise.
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