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PostSubject: Cooldown   Thu Jul 24, 2008 12:04 pm


Cooldown is the minimum length of time that the player needs to wait after using an ability before they can use it again.

In most cases it is inversely proportional to the level of the skill, meaning that as one levels the skill up its cooldown gets shorter. Due to balance reasons, sometimes it will become longer or stay the same.

Note that for channeling spells, the cooldown starts immediately when the spell is cast, while for spells with casting time, the cooldown starts only when the spell has actually been cast.

When you level up a skill that is in cooldown, the new level´s cooldown will NOT apply.
Avoiding Cooldown

There are four ways to avoid cooldown:

Mode -wtf

In the game mode -wtf each time a spell is cast no mana is used and the cooldown of the spell is reset to 0. However, the resetting of the cooldown has a small delay.
Mode -Test

Typing -Refresh when the game is in game mode -test instantly refreshes the cooldown of all the skills and items of a hero.
BTNHeartOfSearinox.gif Refresher Orb

This item has the ability to refresh the cooldown of most items and skills.
The refresher orb itself has a 210 second cooldown.
The skill refresh is completely triggered.
BTNEngineeringUpgrade.gif Rearm

Rearm - Tinker's Ultimate Instantly reloads the Tinker's weapons.

* Level 1 - 3 channeling, 150 mana
* Level 2 - 2 channeling, 250 mana
* Level 3 - 1 channeling, 350 mana

No cooldown for all levels.

Items not refreshed by Rearm:

* Necronomicon
* Hand of Midas
* Refresher Orb
* Helm of the Dominator
* Arcane Ring

Note that when Tinker has any of these items in his inventory when he casts Rearm, the cooldown timer will appear to reset, but it will continue to cool down for the cooldown time remaining after Rearm was cast. For example, when Tinker has Arcane Ring in his inventory and he casts Rearm when it has 15 seconds' cooldown left, the cooldown timer for Arcane Ring will appear to reset, but will actually completely cool down after 15 seconds.
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