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 Beast Rage

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PostSubject: Beast Rage   Sat Jul 19, 2008 2:01 pm

Beast Rage

When Rexxar engages an opponent, his animalistic nature grants him even greater proficiency in single combat. With each continuous blow on the same target, Rexxar gains understanding of the prey's defenses, and guides each strike with greater ease than the last. Maximum of 100% increased attack speed. If Rexxar changes targets, his rage counter drops to half of where it was.

Level 1 - Every continuous attack gives Rexxar 5% bonus attack speed.
Level 2 - Every continuous attack gives Rexxar 10% bonus attack speed.
Level 3 - Every continuous attack gives Rexxar 15% bonus attack speed.
Level 4 - Every continuous attack gives Rexxar 20% bonus attack speed.

Notes :

Beast Rage allows Beastmaster to do a decent amount of DPS which, combined with Primal Roar, can be quite powerful. However, many higher level players skip this ability for stats to cover for Beastmaster's weakness.
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Beast Rage
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