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PostSubject: Warlock   Mon Jun 23, 2008 12:24 pm

Demnok Lannik - The Warlock
Dusk Tavern

Primary: INT
Movement Speed: 295
Range: 600
Damage: 46 - 56
Armor: 2
HP: 492
Mana: 312

Str: 18 + 2.5
Agi: 10 + 1.0
Int: 24 + 2.7

Missile speed: 1200
Sight range: 1800/800 (day/night)
Damage point: 0.3/0.3 (point/backswing)
Casting point: 0.5/0.5 (point/backswing)
Acquisition range: 800

Former cultist of the Blacksun, Lannik was among the first of many orcs enslaved by the wretched demons when the Legion's taint befell the lands of Kalimdor - a dire affliction that grew stronger over the years. Mannoroth's sudden and unexpected demise severed this Warlock's ties to demonology, and the absence of its corrupting influenced caused his body to wither onto the verge of death. In exchange for life beyond the grave, he bound a pact with the Lich King. A master of demons and destructive spellwork, this warlock delights in tormenting creatures of the Light, extinguishing them like candles until none are left alive.

  1. Fatal Bonds
  2. Shadow Word
  3. Upheaval
  4. Rain of Chaos
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