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PostSubject: Anti-mage   Mon Jun 23, 2008 11:38 am

Magina - Anti-Mage
Light Tavern

Primary: AGI
Movement Speed: 320
Range: 100
Damage: 46 - 50
Armor: 2
HP: 454
Mana: 195

Str: 16 + 1.9
Agi: 22 + 2.8
Int: 15 + 1.5

Twin sons to the great Prophet, Terrorblade and Magina were blessed with divine powers: Terrorblade granted with an unnatural affinity with life forces; Magina gifted with energy manipulation. Magina's eventual overexposure to the magics gradually augmented his elemental resistances and bestowed him the unique ability to move faster than light itself. Now, broken by Terrorblade's fall to the dark side, Magina answers the Sentinel's call in a desperate bid to redeem his brother. Every bitter strike turns the Scourge's evil essences upon themselves, culminating in a finale that forces his enemy to awaken to the void within and spontaneously implode.

  1. Spell Shield
  2. Blink
  3. Mana Break
  4. Mana Void
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